We haven’t had any confirmation about Dead Island 2 yet but we know that the game isn’t dead and buried. We were hoping to get some information about it this year, but as it hasn’t turned up at any of the events things are looking slim for a release anytime soon.

Fans of the game had expected the game to arrive at the E3 but this is something that sadly didn’t happen. Fans got very excited when they heard that Deep Silver were taking a booth at the Gamescom event and at least they thought they would get to see a screenshot or video footage, however this didn’t happen either.

With Dead Island 2 not arriving at either of the events this year it means that the game is probably a long way off yet.

Things have been very quiet when it comes to Dead Island 2 and this lead some people to suggest that perhaps the game had been killed off. However Deep Silver did give assurance that the game is still under development. The bad news is that they didn’t say when it was going to be released.

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