Dead Island 2: Deep Silver History Got Fans Worried

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Dead Island was a big thing a few years ago and a lot of fans were happy when the original developers announce that there was going to be a sequel to the game but things have certainly gotten really quiet since then.

We know that the game changes developers a couple of times and that it is in the hands of Sumo Digital now. While fans have nothing against Sumo Digital, there are skeptical about Deep Silver.

This is not the first Deep Silver game to go dark all of a sudden. Remember Ride to Hell? That game was hyped up to the game that GTA fans will want to play but after the initial excitement of the announcement, the game went dark. Deep Silver continues to work on the game and it finally came out years later but it was far from the game that we thought it will be.

Fans are worried that Dead Island would end up going down the same road which would be a pity. The game still has a huge following now. Previous rumor suggest that Sumo Digital might have wanted to start fresh with the game and that could explain why they have nothing to show right now.

We are hoping that Dead Island will not end up like Ride To Hell.

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