Dark Souls VR Can’t Be Ruled Out Anymore

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The developer of Dark Souls has been teasing us about the fact that they are taking VR seriously. So much so, that they have now signed up to develop for the PlayStation VR, so could we be about to see Dark Souls VR?.

There has been hopes that the developer was going to bring their own unique gaming style by way of VR and it seems that we actually get to see Dark Souls VR actually make its way out.

The most recent tease about VR from the developer came when they were talking during the 2016 Golden Joystick Awards. The producer of Dark Souls 3 was asked about the possibility of a VR game and he said that they were hoping to come up with one.

So this isn’t a flat out denial but then it also isn’t definite confirmation that we will actually get to see the arrival of Dark Souls VR, but what do you think? Should the developer bring out the game in VR for the PlayStation VR?

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