We are almost at the end of April but there is still a lot more that April can offer PC players.

For starters, the Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Edition will be released today. On the 25th of April, we will be getting a long list of games including Dragon Quest Heroes II, Outlast Trinity, Batman: AfternnonArkham VR, The Walking Dead, and so much more.

Dawn of War III will be arriving on the 27th of April which Little Nightmares will be arriving on the 28th of April. Little Nightmare might not be a popular game or franchise but what we have seen so far does suggest that it is going to be a game that we will want to play.

Before this, we have already gotten the Halo WAR: Definitive Edition, Marvel’s Guardian of the Galaxy, Disney Afternoon Collection, Yooka Laylee, Shovel Knight, and so much more.

What other games are you waiting for this month?

Mario Caballero

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