Press Release: One of the benefits The Landry Hat has over other Dallas Cowboys sites is the size of our staff. Made up of die-hard cowboys fans from various parts of the world gives us a unique and varied perspective I think our readers enjoy. It also affords us a great number of opinions on all things Cowboy. One of our most we’ll received articles is always our staff predicti0ns for games. I’m happy to announce that tradition continues below. Enjoy! you can watch the live stream by CLICKING HERE.

Steven Mullenax, Editor: In the immortal words of Admiral Ackbar: “It’s a trap!”. Trap game, that is. This has everything you’d expect from such a game. An old NFC East foe who knows the Cowboys well. (Check) Playing in their very loud home stadium. (Check) Both teams coming of deceptive wins. (Check) Still, the Cowboys defense can save the day, and their offense couldn’t get any worse. (could they?) Dallas prevails, 27-23.


Todd Toombs, Senior Writer: “Remember Seattle” would be my war cry for this game. Still basking in the afterglow of a huge win over the Giants last year, the Cowboys traveled to Seattle and forgot to get off the team bus losing 27-7. The game was over early. Let’s hope the Cowboys have learned from that experience as Arrowhead is never and easy place to play. This Chiefs team is much better than last year. The Cowboys, despite winning last week, did not look dominant and gave up a ton of yardage. That can’t happen this week as the always careful Alex Smith won’t be handing them the ball like the Giants did. Cowboys squeak out a win in overtime again. Cowboys 27, Chiefs 24.

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