Could LG V20 Avoid HTC 10 Letdown?

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The HTC 10 was supposed to be the handset that would help to revive the financial situation of HTC and while it has been a superb device, it didn’t manage to do any reviving and boost the situation of the company. Now everyone is wondering whether the LG V20 is going to be able to do something or if it is going to just be the same for LG.

The quarter three earnings of LG were revealed and there is just a slight 3.7% drop in the operating profit. This is said to be down to performance that has been lacklustre. They have revealed the LG V20 and they are hoping that the handset is going to become a monster flagship that is going to boost the profits. However some people believe that it will end up just like the HTC 10 did for HTC.

LG are hoping that sales of the LG V20 are going to do well and it was said in a press statement that the company hoped for business structural improvement in the mobile division so that they are better prepared to meet the challenges ahead. So it is looking as though LG are pinning their hopes on the device and the success of it.

But do you think the LG V20 has what it takes to be a success for LG in the way that the HTC 10 wasn’t for HTC?

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