Chris Evans Exits Top Gear Leaving Them More Vulnerable

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Top Gear UK returned and since its arrival it has been a case of hitting and missing. Fans of the show have been critical of the new cast since the exit of Jeremey Clarkson and gang. Now Chris Evans is leaving, so is the show now more vulnerable than ever?

Top Gear UK signed up Matt LeBlanc as a host when the show made its return but it hasn’t been impressing fans and it was said that co-host Chris Evans wasn’t entertaining enough.

Top Gear recently announced that Chris Evans is departing the show and there is going to be a gap in the series due to his departure. Of course the producers are looking for someone to fill his shoes, but until then the show is vulnerable.

Fans had blamed Chris Evans for non-impressive offerings on the show, and made plenty of harsh comments about him, instead of directing the comments at the show. So let’s hope that Top Gear doesn’t mess up as whom will fans blame next?

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  1. Aaron

    July 9, 2016 at 10:54 am

    BBC killed Top Gear when they let the real crew go, they need to beg the original cast to come back and save them.