Chevrolet Rubs It In About Growth In Size

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The Chevrolet Colorado has been a pickup truck that has been very popular and when you see the latest version it is easy to understand why it’s enjoyed popularity. It offers up a great balance of fuel economy and power and it’s affordable too. It has also been the vehicle responsible for reviving the truck market in the midsized pickup market.

However there are some people who haven’t been too happy with the new version of the Chevrolet Colorado. Some people have said that the Colorado is now too big for that segment. If you do compare it to the vehicle that came from the 90s you can see that it has almost doubled in size.

It seems that Chevrolet could not care less about it though and they have asked for people to move on and said that they should accept the change. The car maker rubbed it in even more when they offered up an illustration that showed people just how large the trucks have become. They put the new version of the Chevrolet Colorado alongside the old C20.

The growth size however does show us that Chevrolet does need to come up with a truck in the compact segment. Consumers should now look ahead to getting hold of a pickup truck that is more along the size of a midsized from the past, but what are your thoughts?

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