There is no denying that the Chevrolet Camaro is a superb sporting coupe, but for one reason or another sales haven’t been doing too well recently. There are some people who say that it’s the looks of the vehicle that let it down in ad campaigns and others suggest that the fault may lie with GM and them taking an approach that has been too cautious.

The cautious approach may be one of the reasons why GM has been reluctant to take on the Ford Mustang globally. While there has been reluctance they did go ahead and try a global launch of the Chevrolet Camaro as it jumped the border into the UK.

The Chevrolet Camaro landed on UK soil but it seems that the car maker forget something very important. The UK drives on the right hand side of the road and the vehicle didn’t come with configured ready for the RHD road system.

GM did realize this of course, they just couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it. This was why they brought the Chevrolet Camaro in limited numbers only to the UK. They were hoping to attract some of the most die-hard of Camaro fans outside of the UK. However it was something of a pathetic move for the car maker, as it was going up against the Ford Mustang, which did arrive with right hand drive.

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