Chevrolet Camaro Has Us Laughing At Challenge Against Ford Mustang

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The Chevrolet Camaro has come out in the UK and this is great news for fans of the vehicle. However the big issue is that the vehicle has only been made in left hand drive, so its not that compatible with the UK road system.

It is surprising that the Chevrolet Camaro has been launched in a right hand drive country, which leads us to wonder if the vehicle is struggling for sales. The Ford Mustang has been the best seller for coupes in the world and it could be that Chevrolet is attempting to play catch up.

The Chevrolet Camaro in left hand drive mode in the UK isn’t the only issue, the other issue is the fact that the Camaro is more expensive than the Ford Mustang. The Camaro comes in with a price tag of $31, 755, which happens to be $2, 760 more than the entry level version of the Ford Mustang.

So if the Chevrolet Camaro is going for bigger global figures, it is making us laugh. Of course there is nothing certain in the world of automobiles and perhaps the Camaro could create a big upset.

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