The Chevrolet Camaro has been a great selling vehicle and sales have done well ever since it first arrived. Now things have started changing and over the last five months sales have fallen behind those of the Ford Mustang and it’s got so far behind it may struggle to catch up.

One of the best-sellers among sports coupes is the Ford Mustang and some people have put its global connections down to its popularity. The Chevrolet Camaro hasn’t been able to compete, even though it did ship out to the UK.

While the UK was treated to the Chevrolet Camaro it only arrived in small numbers and it didn’t come with right hand drive. The Ford Mustang on the other hand did arrive in the UK with RHD. The Camaro does happen to be a great performance vehicle; however it doesn’t seem to be doing well at the moment.

This is what we think about the Chevrolet Camaro but then you might have other thoughts about the vehicle.

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