Bugatti Chiron Top Speed Does Have A Limit And Its…

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We know what the top speed is for the Bugatti Chiron and the vehicle is said to be a speed record breaker that is taking on the record of the Veyron. With this in mind the figures offered are going to be above 450km/h.

Now though we don’t have to guess what the actual top speed limit of the Bugatti Chiron is going to be as we saw a post on Twitter that showed off the speedometer of the vehicle.

The photo of the speedometer on the Bugatti Chiron shows that it is capped off at 500km/h, which seems to suggest that the vehicle could easily reach 300mpg. You might say that the car maker can put just about any figure on the vehicle that that want, however Bugatti should have kept it real with the Chiron.

What is really needed is for the owner of the Bugatti Chiron to test the vehicles top speed if they are daring enough.

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