Bugatti Chiron Isn’t Going To Lose Its Top Just Yet

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The Bugatti Chiron is said to be going to create new records and some people suggested that it may be about to lose its top, but this might not happen anytime soon.

If Bugatti does get its way then it might not happen at all as Stefan Brungs talked about expectations for the Spider and said that the vehicle isn’t going to go topless. So this means that we shouldn’t expect to see the Bugatti Chiron going topless just yet.

In fact we haven’t heard anything at all about the chances of seeing a Spider, Targa, Convertible or a Roadster. What he did say was that they were concentrating on a vehicle that is going to be faster than the version that is out at the moment.

The Bugatti Chiron seems not to be fast enough, so it is looking like the company wants to do something about it. This means that until the Chiron gets faster we are not going to see variations of the vehicle.

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