Bugatti Chiron Isn’t About To Go Topless

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The Bugatti Chiron is here and not before time and it is going to create some new records. Just as with many of the other supercars, it has been said that the vehicle may go topless, however it may not happen just yet.

In fact it may not happen at all if Bugatti has their way. Stefan Brungs talked about the Spider expectations and he said that going topless isn’t in their plans for the Bugatti Chiron.

To be honest Bugatti hasn’t talked about the chances of a Targa, Spider or Convertible, not even a roadster. Instead he said that they are aiming to bring out a vehicle that is faster than the current version.

It seems that the Bugatti Chiron isn’t fast enough for the company and they are going to do something about it. We are not expecting to see variations of the vehicle, not until they have done with upping the performance of the vehicle.

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