BMW Z4 Has Now Officially Retired

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One of the best convertible roadsters of the past has been the BMW Z4 but now we have heard officially that the vehicle is now retired.

A reader said that they usually see a BMW Z4 up on a podium in the dealers but the vehicle isn’t there any longer. When they asked why they were told that the Z4 isn’t going to be made anymore and the vehicle has gone into retirement.

So if you wanted to get hold of the BMW Z4 you are going to be out of luck as the vehicle isnt going to be produced anymore. There is good news in that it is going to make way for the arrival of the Z5.

We have heard that the BMW Z4 demise will make way for the Z5 and it is going to be built around a brand new platform and it should come with a hybrid powertrain. The powertrain is going to be tuned so that it offers a better balance when it comes to the fuel economy and power. The vehicle should be making its way out next year.

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