BMW M2 Or Ford Mustang: Choose Which Sports Coupe You Want

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Two of the best sports coupes on the market at the moment are the Ford Mustang and the BMW M2. The Mustang is the best-seller right now and the M2 is a smaller version of the bigger M range.

The BMW M2 and the Ford Mustang both have lots in common. One of the biggest similarities is the high performance they both offer. The Mustang has been a firm favorite over in Germany, but which would you choose?

Recently the Ford Mustang and the BMW M2 both took part in a drag race and of course it was leaked on the internet. The race was made by EVO and they wanted to find out which deserved the title of being the best sports coupe on the market.

You can find out the results for yourself between the BMW M2 and the Ford Mustang in the video below.

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