BMW i8 Makeover Is Geared Towards Tesla Model S P100D

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While the BMW i8 is a great looking vehicle it does lack a little when it comes to performance. We saw this last year as the vehicle was on a losing streak when it went up against supercars that offered similar power.

However things got worse for the BMW i8 when it was beaten by an electric vehicle called the Tesla Model S P90D.

BMW realized that the BMW i8 did have some shortcomings and they said that they were going to do something about it when they launched the version with a makeover. This is a vehicle that is slated for release in 2018 and while we don’t know what upgrades are coming our way, we do know that the vehicle is going to be faster.

When the BMW i8 does come our way many people think that the Tesla Model S P100D is going to beat it. But will the i8 be able to prove people wrong and will it offer up the performance that matches the great looks?

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