BMW has been working on the next generation of the BMW 8-Series and it is thought that the 7-Series based coupe is going to arrive at some point next year. People are very excited about the 8-Series and seeing it as many think that the vehicle is going to be just a toned version of the i8.

However now we have seen spy photos and we got to see that the design of it is wrong and it isn’t going to offer the sleek look and its not going to be pretty.

The BMW 8-Series does seem to have been beefed up and based on the 6-Series design albeit with measurements that are different. This means that the 8-Series is going to offer up a profile and styling that many people will consider to be dull.

Of course this is based only on our opinion and you might think differently about the BMW 8-Series.

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Mario Caballero

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