If you have been cheating in Overwatch you might want to think again as Blizzard Entertainment has been naming and shaming cheaters along with suspending them. They have revealed the latest gamers to be banned from playing the game and on November 1 it was said that 1,650 gamers are going to get a ban.

Gamers with names such as Killing you makes me tired, Call me the God of Bitches and The world needs ass, have all been banned from playing Overwatch. The user names were translated from Chinese along with some other names that have stood out in the game, and who have been found to be cheating.

Some of the former players of Overwatch dedicated the user names to the cyborg assassin Genji, and at least three gamers who used to play have shown off their skills with Genji, Reaper and Hanzo.

So many tens of thousands of gamers have been suspended and named since Overwatch came out in May. Of course they were warned by Blizzard. The biggest ban occurred in August when another 7,500 names were added to the list.

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