Bethesda Mess Around With Skyrim Tone Along With Successor

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Before we heard the reveal of the Nintendo Switch, many people had said that the next gen console was going to be nothing more than just a gimmick. However after the unveiling of the console the sceptics changed their tune as the hybrid console does look as though it will offer up a gaming experience that is very different.

Bethesda is so convinced that the Nintendo Switch is going to be a huge hit that they said the console is going to be remarkable thanks to the hardware. They also said that the console is going to open up doors to a unique gaming experience.

The want to make use of the potential of the Nintendo Switch and develop Elder Scrolls Skyrim for the console and they are talking about developing Elder Scrolls 6 for it too.

This has surprised many people as before the launch of the Nintendo Switch they had said that the console wouldn’t be any good for any of their games. Now it looks as though they have changed their minds and they are going to offer one of their most well-known and loved games, Skyrim.

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