There are a number of cases on the market for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and one of the most professional looking of these is the genuine leather pouch from Samsung. If you are not using the device it provides plenty of protection while at the same time giving access to the handset easily. The pouch has been designed slim and it is soft to the touch and this makes it stand out.

The Samsung flip cover was popular with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it will be with the Samsung Galaxy S4 as it it very durable. It will replace the back of the handset and provide protection for the screen. The cover is available in numerous colours.

Another case that comes in numerous colours, including grey, black and fairy floss, is the Cyngett Feel case. The case is very slim with a design of polycarbonate, which gives protection for the back and front of the device. It has screen protection as there is not much lip around the display.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Cygnett Workmate case comes with a great look and we love the orange and blue colours, which provide the case with the look of Tron.

The Speck Candyshell Grip case offers a great deal of protection and it comes with stylish looks. The device is easy to hold thanks to the texture which is rigid and it comes with two layers. The inside of the case comes with a rubber layer, the case is made from plastic which is highly resistant to impact and it is scratch resistant too.

Samsung Galaxy S4 cases

Samsung Galaxy S4 cases

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