BAIC Concept From China Takes On Look Of BMW i8

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China is one country that is well known for copying the looks and ideas of others, in fact they own the market for fake products, mainly cloned items and. Now it looks like they may be cloning the BMW i8 by way of the BAIC concept.

We have been very skeptical about an EV prototype from the Beijing Automotive Industry Corporation, or BAIC, for short. At the moment EV cars are the in-thing and is typically a positive move for any car maker.

However the issue with the BAIC concept is that the vehicle takes on the appearance of the latest version of the BMW i8. The structure, the styling and the shape all take inspiration from the i8.

We are not calling this a clone; this is just our take on it. BAIC did tease that their EV vehicle is aimed at the global market and they are going to want the vehicle to offer up the best performance.

The BAIC concept target is for the vehicle to be able to go from standing still to 62mph in under 3 seconds and they want it to offer up a top speed of 160mph. But what are your thoughts about the concept vehicle?

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