Audi revealed the Audi TT Quattro Sports Concept some years back and they gave hints that they would work on a new engine and bring it to the market. However things seem to have gone sour and we don’t think its happening any longer.

The engineering boss of Audi Quattro division said that development has stopped on the engine for production. The concept, which was seen in 2014, came with the 2 litre four cylinder diesel engine and it offered 420 horses.

Many people are sad to hear that Audi has given up on the concept. However others have said that it doesn’t really matter as the engine in the TT RS already delivers 400 horses via the five cylinder engine, so there isn’t any need for a new one.

The engine takes 3.7 seconds to go from standing still to 62mph. But are you sad that Audi isn’t working on the Audi TT Quattro Sport Concept engine?

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Mario Caballero

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