One very popular supercar is the Audi R8 and when you see one out on the roads it is instantly recognizable. This year in the Le Mans event they used the R8 as their safety car and it put up one hell of a performance.

Of course being the safety car the Audi R8 did have to take things serious. The driver needs to be ready to help with any crashes that might occur and give help to the competitors if needed. Despite this there was still some time for fun.

The Audi R8 wowed the crowds with its multiple slides when it was out inspecting the track on a particular rainy day and this got everyone cheering at the event. One of the most spectacular of the slides it performed in the bad weather was caught on video and this led people to call for seeing more of the vehicle as the safety car at events. After all just because it’s the safety car it doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

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Mario Caballero

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