Audi R8 Epic Crash Save May Have Been Celebrated Too Early

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One of the most well-known and popular of the supercars is the Audi R8 and it is also well-known for being able to avoid crashes. However celebration of this may have been just a little bit too early.

A video has been launched of the Audi R8 managing to avoid a crash when out on the track and it manages to do it with a lot of style and precision. While the driver does have to be applauded for the handling of the vehicle, perhaps it was celebrated just a bit too early.

In the video it shows the driver of the Audi R8 overshooting a bend on the track but managing to recover as it manages to just ease past the barricade. However it was going so fast when it came out of the bend that it crashed into the barricade on the opposite side of the track.

The video doesn’t catch that happening, however it was said that the Audi R8 managed to swerve around in a circle and it got very little damage.

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