Audi R8 Ad Gets Ban Thanks To Over Expressive Eye

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One of the most popular vehicles in the supercar category that is out now is the Audi R8 and you don’t have to be a lover of supercars to identify it if you are lucky enough to see one on the road. This is due to the fact that the R8 has been seen in many of the Hollywood movies.

Audi want to keep the Audi R8 in focus and they keep coming up with new ads. The latest however has received a ban in the UK.

It seems that regulators in the UK are not happy about the ad for the Audi R8 and its content in particular. It is said that the ad has elements that could influence people to drive in a dangerous manner on the public roads.

However for the most part the ad has the focus on the focusing of the eye of a human being, so banning it is silly. Check it out for yourself below.

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