Audi Issues RS Threat To BMW, Mercedes-Benz

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Audi is sending out a threat to BMW and Mercedes-Benz as the car maker is going to double up the line-up of the RS performance division within the next 18 months and this is going to include the Audi R8.

At the moment the Audi R8 has just seven models, while they said they were expanding, they didn’t say what vehicles they were adding to the range. It is thought that they may include the A1, A4 and the Q5, possibly the R8 and A8 and A5 might not be ruled out either.

The global sales of AMG can be compared and these have doubled in just a few years and now stand at 80,000. It is hoped that sales of the Audi RS will be able to get past the 200,000 mark with double digit growth.

It really doesn’t matter which direction Audi chooses to take with the RS brand name and the amount of vehicles they offer in the US as more performance vehicles are going to be welcomed and this is going to be a threat to BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

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