It is clear that Aston Martin is on board the electric train right now. We know that they are working on the RapidE electric model but that is not all. According to the CEO of Aston Martin, we can all expect to see more electrified models from Aston Martin in the near future.

When talking to the Financial Times, he revealed that Aston Martin will be offering a hybrid option on all their vehicles by 2020 and he thinks that 25% of Aston Martin sales will come from the electric market by 2030.

Of course, those looking for some standard engine will not be left stranded. While Aston Martin will include the hybrid engines as an option, the standard engines will still be offered.

He also added that Aston Martin will be working on their own electric motor instead of sourcing it from a supplier and they have all the intention of keeping it in-house.

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Mario Caballero

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