Apple MacBook Pro May Be Just One Month Away

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Fans of the Apple MacBook Pro have waited for an update to the MacBook Pro for what seems to be forever. Apple likes to offer their best and with this in mind it is strange that they have had their customers waiting for such a long time.

However Apple could be about to announce the upgrade to the Apple MacBook Pro and we are expecting it to arrive before the end of October. This means that if everything goes to plan we could be just one month away from the new version.

Many fans are going to welcome the upgrade with open arms but they do hope that Apple isn’t going to do away with the MagSafe and bring in the USB C port. Some fans are also hoping that Apple is going to keep the SD clot, while others are hoping that Apple might bring back a 17 inch option.

Of course Apple hasn’t been in an hurry to bring out the Apple MacBook Pro but at least we only have a month or so to wait to see what all the fuss was about.