All eyes will be on the Apple iPhone 8 this year as it is believed that Apple will be fitting it with everything they have to offer. Since this is not a simple upgrade like the last few iPhones, it could also mean that Apple might need more time with the device.

Bloomberg reported that the new Apple iPhone 8 could be missing its usual release window as new report suggest that we might have to wait until the end of the year before we can get our hands on the Apple iPhone 8.

It is believed that Apple’s decision to offer the device with a new design, new casing material, upgraded camera, curved display and more is the reason why the device will only arrive at the end of the year.

However, there were also reports claiming that even though the device will be sporting an OLED display, it will still come with a flat screen. Some people also speculated that the fingerprint sensor could be embedded behind the display but others think that Apple will give up in the end and just fit it in the back just like Samsung.

Would you rather get a simpler version of the iPhone 8 and have it by September or wait a little longer?

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