Phone makers want to make their devices as safe as possible and so they include tech such as fingerprint sensors and iris scanners. However it seems that the iPhone 8 isn’t going to be as safe as it could be as Apple are giving up on the reliable scanner they have used and going with a new one that may not be as reliable.

An analyst with KGI said that the Touch ID is going to be dropped and it is going to be taken over by a face identification sensor on the iPhone 8.

Fingerprints are generally more secure than facial recognition, so we don’t have any idea why Apple would choose to go down that route with the Apple iPhone 8. The analyst said that at the same time the device will offer a new type of fingerprint reader.

They said the fingerprint reader is going to be under the display and this will make it invisible. It is also thought that Samsung will be venturing down the same route with the Samsung Galaxy S8, which should make its way out this year.

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