A recent survey has suggested that the majority of teenagers still choose the Apple iPhone over one of the Android competitors, so perhaps Apple should stick to targeting the teens with the iPhone 7.

The survey from April includes 10,000 teenagers with 75% of them saying that their choice of device would be the Apple iPhone. The survey from October suggests that the figure is now 79%. So maybe the Samsung episode with exploding handsets boosted this figure somewhat.

The amount of teens owning an iPhone rose from 69% to 74% and 75% of teens asked said that they would be buying the iPhone the next time they bought a handset. This seems to suggest that only 21% of teenagers would consider an Android and 26% own an Android at the moment.

So it does look as though Apple are in favour with teenagers at least and this is going to bode well for the next iPhone 7 that comes our way.

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Mario Caballero

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