Apple iPhone 7 Images Will Look Even Sharper Now!

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While the Apple iPhones do not come with the highest MP camera, there is no doubt that the images taken with the iPhone is pretty impressive and Apple is looking to further improve on that by fitting the Apple iPhone 7 with a larger camera sensor.

This rumor started after new images of what people believe is the chassis for the Apple iPhone 7 was leaked online. The images were released by nowhereelse.The image suggests that the Apple iPhone 7 will be coming in with a larger camera sensor which is pretty smart of Apple since the way to take better images is not by fitting the device with a camera with higher MP but with a larger sensor.

That is not the only upgrade the leaked images suggested. The image also seems to show a redesign antenna band as there seem to be no antenna bands running through the back of the chassis.

You can check out the leaked images here.

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