Apple iPhone 6 Gets Hurt By iPhone 7 Jack-less Headphones

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If you are a fan of the Apple iPhone 7 you will probably know that the handset doesn’t come with the headphone jack. The feature was taken over by a single cable port that is able to extend for a headphone jack extender.

The craze of the iPhone 7 headphone change has now started to affect some of the older versions of the iPhone and more so the iPhone 6. One reader shared the fact that they have updated their iPhone 6 to iOS 10 and then plugging in the headphone into the jack isn’t as easy as it once was.

He said that just before the update when he plugged in the headphones with the iPhone 6 on the lock screen it brought up the music controls automatically. He said that when double tapping on the home button the music player would come up.

However with the iPhone 6 this isn’t the case anymore and he didn’t know if this is caused by a bug. If this issue doesn’t get addressed then using the headphone on the iPhone 6 is going to be a hassle. It is looking like Apple could force their own way onto some of the older handsets that have not been tailored for it.

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