KGI Securities analyst has said that Apple is going to bring back the design of the iPhone 4s for the iPhone 8, so we expect the handset to offer a stainless steel frame.

The stainless steel frame is going to be made by Jabil for the iPhone 8 and they are going to use a different manufacturing process from the frame used on the iPhone 4s. the iPhone 4s frame was milled by a CNC machine, while the one on the upcoming iPhone 8 is going to be forged.

The stainless steel frame is going to be wrapped around a design of a glass sandwich and Apple is hoping that this will help with resistance to scratches. Of course stainless steel is going to cost more than aluminium for Apple and so we can expect to see a higher price placed on the iPhone 8, but it should be more sturdy and offer up a premium feel.

Are you waiting to see what the Apple iPhone 8 offers and would you be happy to pay a higher price for a device that is sturdier?

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