Nokia is making a second attempt in the world of smartphones and at the moment they do seem to be looking positive as the Nokia 6, with Android, has been selling well. The handset is available in China along with other countries and right now things are looking up for Nokia.

Nokia has now revealed a master plan, which they think is going to bring them success. They said they will offer stable Android OS and updates in a timely manner. Of course they have already made headway with this as the Nokia 6 has the Android 7 update.

It’s the bit about offering upgrades in a timely manner that may see the company come unstuck. It isn’t going to be easy for them to do this, as other phone giants have made the same promise and failed. So the weight of Android could crush the hopes and dreams of Nokia flat.

The Nokia 7 still hasn’t been given the update to Android 7.1 Nougat, so at the moment things is not looking that good on that front. The delay may be due to the fact that Nokia did say stable versions of Android, but for now owners are waiting.

So the goals and wellbeing of Nokia are dependent on them offering updates to Android in a timely manner for the Nokia 6 and future devices, but whether that future is going to be short lived remains to be seen. Nokia may be crushed before they have even taken off again.

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