Alfa Romeo Ask You To Design Brand New Compact Car

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Whenever car makers come up with a brand new design for a new car it undoubtedly gets trashed online. Alfa Romeo has learned this lesson and they are asking people to help them design their new compact car.

Yes, car enthusiasts are being asked to help with the design of the new compact vehicle. Alfa Romeo revealed that they are in the midst of planning a new vehicle that is going to fall in below the Giulia and they want fans of the brand name to come up with the design.

They are asking people to send them a concept car render via email and if they like your design they will get back to you so that they can use it.

You can check out the website of Alfa Romeo to find out more. So if you are one of the people who like to criticize the design of new cars, now is your chance to design a brand new vehicle yourself.

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