If you own the Nexus 5X and you think that you have it bad with the boot loop issues you might want to spare some thought to those left holding the Nexus 5.

Owners of the Nexus 5 suffer from the same boot loop issues and they have had to put up with them for longer than those with the Nexus 5X. LG has now said that owners of the 5X who are having boot loop issues can get a refund, however the same hasn’t been offered to those with the 5.

Since the Nexus 5X was launched owners have been experiencing issues and one of the worst is the boot loop on the handset. The only remedy for it, is to send the device for evaluation. Now it seems that LG is offering refunds for anyone who has a faulty handset.

An owner who sent in their Nexus 5X was told that the device was at the repair facility but the part needed to make the repair was out of stock and wasn’t available any longer. Therefore they said they would give the owner a full refund for their handset.

However owners of the Nexus 5 have also suffered from the same issue but they haven’t been offered a full refund from the company, so what gives?

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