It appears that the Google Pixel is one handset that is more popular than the Nexus 6P and the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Google Pixel has enjoyed week one sales that are better than those of the Nexus 6P. During the first week of it being on the market the handset has reached 0.016% of the market share. The Pixel XL achieved 0.020% and in comparison it took the Nexus 6P over two weeks to reach the same level.

To reach the figures more than 100 million apps on handsets between 20 October and 27 October were taken into account. it is thought that the sales figures may have been even higher if the Google Pixel handsets hadn’t been restrained by stock volumes by Google and Verizon.

After the first week the growth rate for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL reached 274% and 158%. The week one growth of the handsets exceeded that of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7.

So it does look as though the huge amount of money and resources that Google put into the market have paid off for the company. So would you go for the Pixel instead of the Nexus 6P?

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