Fallout 4 was launched one year back and Fallout 5 isnt going to come our way for many years. However, this hasn’t stopped people from hoping that Bethesda will come out to talk about some of the setbacks and there are some things that fans don’t want repeated.

One of the main things that fans of Fallout 4 don’t want repeating with Fallout 5 is the main plot. Bethesda did try to cover this up by offering up side quests that were in no way related to the main plot, however the result wasn’t so good. This is one of the main things that people don’t want to see in the follow up game.

Settlement capture was one thing that was brought in with Fallout 4 and gamers don’t want to see it make an appearance in Fallout 5. Many gamers thought that it was over used in the game and made it repetitive.

Finally the enemies that wandered around in the wasteland were ghouls and fans want to see Fallout 5 have different types of enemies this time around.

But what are you hoping is going to be seen in Fallout 5 and what don’t you want to see being brought back from Fallout 4?

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