We have already heard that Nissan are going to bring out the Nissan GT-R as a hybrid model and now we have some evidence that seems to point to this happening.

Electrification of the Nissan GT-R is going to be inevitable said Shiro Nakamura and when it comes with the hybrid engine no one is going to be surprised to see it.

The Nissan GT-R isn’t going to arrive before 2020 it was said and the electric model and hybrid should offer a lot in common. It was made clear that the goal for the vehicle was improvement in performance and fuel efficiency.

Many people haven’t been surprised to hear that the Nissan GT-R is coming with a hybrid engine as the vehicle is well known for offering up some of the latest technology. There are other people who think that the vehicle isn’t going to be able to gain any benefit from having an hybrid engine due to the fact that it will make the vehicle heavier.

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Mario Caballero

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