2019 Toyota Supra Hybrid Inspired By The Track

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At the moment we don’t know what engine is going to arrive with the 2019 Toyota Supra but fans are hoping that it might be the inline-six engine that is going to be just as good as the one that was in the 4th generation version. However now we hear that there may be a hybrid powertrain coming our way that takes inspiration from the track.

In an interview recently the CEO of Toyota Europe said that a Toyota Supra hybrid would be a string possibility. He went on to say that in the future this is something that is more than likely going to happen. It was said that if there can be a World Endurance Championship racing car that offers hybrid technology then there is nothing stopping it from happening on the road car.

He said that he didn’t have doubts that in the longer future there would be a Toyota sports car with electrification. While the Toyota Supra wasn’t mentioned specifically, there is no reason why it can’t be that model.

The car maker only offers the Toyota Supra and the Toyota 86, so it would make a lot of sense for it to be the Supra that would be the flagship hybrid, with the tech that comes from the Le Mans prototype program.

The Toyota Supra is also said to be coming in the carbon fiber-reinforced plastic construction that is seen on the BMW.

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