2019 Porsche 911: You Shouldn’t Expect An All-Electric Hybrid Version

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We have heard a great deal about the plans of Porsche for the Porsche 911 and it was said that it may come in all electric form and with two doors. It was also said that there may be a hybrid version of the vehicle arriving soon.

Now the director of Porsche has blown these plans apart as he said that there isn’t a demand for a hybrid or electric version of the Porsche 911.

Porsche may develop such a vehicle but it may be around a decade from now. If it happens it will happen when gas powered vehicles are rare and this is going to be in the future.

At the moment the best that we can hope for is that Porsche will offer a turbocharged engine into the line-up. What we do know is that the 6 speed stick shift has made its way back to the GT3.

Of course Porsche isn’t known as a large scale company and right now their focus has been on the Porsche Mission E. This is going to go up against the Tesla vehicles when it makes its way out in 2020.

Porsche managed to get about 1,000 people onboard for the electric Porsche 911 but this hasn’t been enough.

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