2019 Porsche 911 Isn’t Going To Be All-Electric, Hybrid

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It was said some time ago that Porsche had put plans into action for the 2019 Porsche 911 to be made as a two door variation in the all-electric Porsche Mission E and that this would happen by 2019. We also heard that a hybrid version would be showing up before that happened.

However the director of Porsche has said that this isn’t going to happen and the reason for it is that there isn’t demand for an electric vehicle in either form.

If they are going to come up with a hybrid or electric Porsche 911 then it would only happen in another decade, this would be when vehicles that are gas powered become rarer.

Fans could hope that they add a turbocharged to the lineup and the six speed stick shift has of course made its return to the GT3.

Porsche are not known to be a large scale car maker and as such they would need to concentrate on resources for the Porsche Mission E, which is said to be the killer of Tesla, which is said to be coming out in 2020.

It does look like the thousand people that Porsche managed to get onboard for the electric vehicle hasn’t been enough and 400 more vacancies have been posted to help them develop along with produce the zero emission vehicle which offers 600 horses.

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