2019 Mercedes G-Class Won’t Let Range Rover Go Easy

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The 2019 Mercedes G-Class has been spied and we got a good look at the layout in the cabin. This gives us a good indication that the upgrades are continuing in this area and it will be able to take on the cutting edge that the Range Rover is known for.

One of the first things that you see with the 2019 Mercedes G-Class is the steering wheel as it has seen off the four spokes and is now more along the same lines as the new models from the company.

Another big updated area is the dashboard and its overall look, which could be seen, even though it was covered up. We can just about make out the big dual screen instrument cluster along with infotainment display and this has been seen in other models, including the E-Class.

Then there is the grab handle that is dash mounted and this tells us about the off the road nature of the 2019 Mercedes G-Class, it really is going to come in very helpful for the passenger when going over some of the more challenging terrains.

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