The 2018 Toyota Yaris has been made sportier than it was before and it now offers two doors along with animatic paintjob. But we think that the Yaris only goes towards proving that Toyota must have bad eyesight.

Many people have been left cringing at the sight of the 2018 Toyota Yaris and its new paintwork and look. But what about once you get over the looks of the vehicle, what does it offer by way of speed?

The 2018 Toyota Yaris is said to offer up 210 horses, which is going to be big for a hatchback that is so lightweight. While we haven’t been able to get excited about the looks of the vehicle, the performance is something else.

But before we go rushing out to buy the 2018 Toyota Yaris we would like Toyota to take a sight test as surely they must be half blind if they think that the design is good.

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Mario Caballero

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