2018 Tesla Model Y: Would It Be Better Without Wings Of Model X?

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Elon Musk recently confirmed that there is going to be an all-electric minibus and it will have the base of the Tesla Model X crossover. Now he has also said that the Model Y will be a compact crossover that is going to use the chassis from the Model 3.

This revelation comes following his admittance of a future compact SUV, the Model Y, but which came without any elaboration for the plans of the vehicle.

On Twitter Musk didn’t really come up with anything new to tell us about the compact crossover, other than it will share the same chassis as the Model 3.

What people do want to know is whether the 2018 Tesla Model Y is going to have the falcon wing doors and would it be better off without them. This is down to the fact that Tesla did have difficulty with production of the wing doors, while buyers also had issues to.

Maybe Tesla has come up with a simple version of the doors for the Tesla Model Y? Perhaps they believe that the changes made with OTA software updates has made progress and enough so for a cheaper crossover to be made at higher volumes and more reliable.

Perhaps Tesla should give up on the falcon wing doors for the Tesla Model Y, if so the vehicle might attract more buyers.

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