2018 Tesla Model 3: Potential Supply Boost Issue

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One of the most anticipated electric vehicles is the 2018 Tesla Model 3 and we have seen the prototype already. The vehicle has attracted a great deal of attention from people who want it, but there is now the question of whether Tesla can meet the supply.

We have been told that the Tesla Model 3 will go into production before the end of 2017 but then they did miss the release dates for the Model X and S. Recently we heard that Elon Musk moved the target to build half a million vehicles to 2018, it had originally been 2020. But is this going to be an achievable target?

It might if the future expansion of the Fremont plant goes off without a hiccup. However there is the possibility that they may not be able to meet the stricter emissions standard and this could cause some issues for the Tesla Model 3 production.

The Fremont plant is going to double its production, hopefully, to 1,000,000 units instead of the 500,000 units it is capable of at the moment. However it was recently found out that the emissions permit that is current for the upgraded paint shop at Fremont limits the production to 200,000 vehicles.

To be able to expand the Fremont net emissions more than 6.5% over the permitted levels Tesla is going to have to comply with the Lowest Achievable Emission Rate standard.

So at the moment the expansion and production of the Tesla Model 3 depends on whether or not Tesla will be able to get that permit for expansion of the Fremont plant and the paint permit, if they can meet the requirements.

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