We have now heard about data from people who reserved the Tesla Model 3 thanks to a website for members of the upcoming vehicle. At the moment there are 4,000 owners of the Model 3 who have registered for the site and who are contributing information.

The information has revealed that the 100kWh battery is going to be the biggest option and around 75% of people said that this is the version that they are opting for. It seems that few people are actually going for the base version of the Tesla Model 3 and around 7% of people have chosen to go for every single feature that is available, with 30% planning on some upgrades.

It is thought that those who go for the fully loaded Tesla Model 3 will get their vehicles first. This makes sense as Tesla will want to profit by offloading the most expensive models first. The base models could end up the last to come off the production line.

People who have been taking part in the tracker website showed an interest in the Supercharger access along with Autotpilot. 36% of people chose to go with each of the options, but surprisingly the Ludicrous Mode hasn’t received much by way of attention.

We are not going to see a great deal of the Tesla Model 3 at $35,000 and there is no way that the vehicle is going to be inexpensive. Of course with all that the vehicle offers and the Autopilot 2.0 self-driving, you shouldn’t expect the vehicle to come in with a low price tag.

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