2018 Tesla Model 3: Can’t Handle Any More

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The 2018 Tesla Model 3 cannot handle any more customers it seems, or rather Panasonic, who make the battery pack, cant.

Recently the Chief Executive of Panasonic talked about the financial results of the company and the growing partnership that they have with Tesla. He said that the company might run into issues with supplying batteries for Tesla vehicles if they don’t get more investments.

He went on to say that the demand for the batteries may soon exceed that of their production capacity if the sales of the Tesla Model 3 go smoothly. Of course Tesla hasn’t helped here as they accelerated their plans for the factory by 2 years. They want the production of battery cells from Panasonic to reach 35 GWh by 2018. Panasonic has put a lot of money into the equipment for producing the cells.

If Tesla do manage to acquire SolarCity then they and Panasonic would be able to expand the partnership within the solar industry. Tesla is planning to purchase all the battery cell output from the Gigafactory to use on their own battery packs on site, but Panasonic are also facing demand from other car makers.

So if the high demand for the 2018 Tesla Model 3 continues Panasonic may find they cannot produce enough batteries for the vehicles and production would be affected.

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